Working with me

My true value as a designer is that I have a goal in life to let other people shine and to let them know they matter.

I do that by making patterns and other designs that add beauty (to everyday life). I want them to adorn the products and make people who buy them happy or at home. Their happiness is important to me.

To be able to do that I need to get my designs out there. So if your goal is linked to mine and you like my style then please contact me!

I can help you with:

*digital surface pattern designs for home decor, stationery, womenswear

*handmade surface pattern designs for wallpaper

*illustrations for greeting cards and editorials

*design business cards

*greeting cards

*appearance of your website, newsletter of any other visual communication

Do you have any other creative ideas that you think I might be able to help you with, you are more than welcome to pop me a message!